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1. "Shame" (with Gary Barlow) Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow Previously unreleased 3:59
2. "Heart and I" Williams, Barlow Previously unreleased 4:41
3. "Morning Sun" Williams, Danny Spencer, Kelvin Andrews 4:06
4. "You Know Me" Williams, Spencer, Andrews, Françoise Hardy  4:20
5. "Bodies" (radio edit) Williams, Craig Russo, Brandon Christy Reality 4:02
6. "She's Madonna" (with Pet Shop Boys) (radio edit) Williams, Neil Tennant, 4:00
7. "Lovelight" Lewis Taylor Rudebox 4:02
8. "Rudebox" (radio edit) Williams, Andrews, Spencer, Bill Laswell, Carl Aiken, 3:47
9. "Sin Sin Sin" (radio edit) Williams, Stephen Duffy Intensive Care 4:03
10. "Advertising Space" Williams, Duffy Intensive Care 4:38
11. "Make Me Pure" (radio edit) Williams, Duffy, Chris Heath Intensive Care 3:48
12. "Tripping" (radio edit) Williams, Duffy Intensive Care 4:03
13. "Misunderstood" Williams, Duffy Greatest Hits 3:59
14. "Radio" Williams, Duffy Greatest Hits 3:51
15. "Sexed Up" (radio edit) Williams, Guy Chambers Escapology 4:10
16. "Something Beautiful" (radio edit) Williams, Chambers Escapology 4:01
17. "Come Undone" (radio edit) Williams, Boots Ottestad, Ashley Hamilton, Daniel 3:54
18. "Feel" (radio edit) Williams, Chambers Escapology 3:41
19. "Mr. Bojangles" Jerry Jeff Walker Swing When You're Winning 3:18

CD 2

1. "I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen" Williams, 3:14
2. "Somethin' Stupid" (with Nicole Kidman)  2:50
3. "The Road to Mandalay" (radio edit) Williams,  3:18
4. "Eternity" Williams, Chambers Single release 5:00
5. "Let Love Be Your Energy" (radio mix) Williams, 4:04
6. "Supreme" Williams, Chambers, Freddie Perren, Dino Fekaris 4:15
7. "Kids" (with Kylie Minogue)  Winning and Light Years 4:19
8. "Rock DJ" Williams, Chambers, Andrews,  You're Winning 4:17
9. "It's Only Us" Williams, Chambers I've Been Expecting You 2:51
10. "She's the One" Karl Wallinger I've Been Expecting You 4:19
11. "Strong" (radio edit) Williams, Chambers I've Been Expecting You 4:19
12. "No Regrets" (radio edit) Williams, Chambers I've Been Expecting You 4:44
13. "Millennium" (radio edit) Williams, Chambers, Leslie Bricusse, John Barry 3:45
14. "Let Me Entertain You" Williams, Chambers Life Thru a Lens 4:22
15. "Angels" Williams, Chambers Life Thru a Lens 4:27
16. "South of the Border" Williams, Chambers Life Thru a Lens 3:54
17. "Lazy Days" Williams, Chambers Life Thru a Lens 3:54
18. "Old Before I Die" Williams, Eric Bazilian, Desmond Child Life Thru a Lens 3:53
19. "Freedom" George Michael Single release 4:18
20. "Everything Changes" (with Take That) Barlow, Mike Ward, Eliot Kennedy, 3:33

CD 3: 

1. "Often" Gary Nuttall B-side of "Kids" 2:47
2. "Karaoke Star" Williams, Chambers B-side of "Kids" 4:07
3. "Toxic" Williams, Chambers B-side of "Eternity/The Road to Mandalay" 3:48
4. "My Culture" (with 1 Giant Leap & Maxi Jazz) Williams, Maxi Jazz, Jamie Catto, Duncan Bridgeman, Nigel Butler  5:38
5. "Nobody Someday" Williams, Chambers B-side of "Feel" 2:53
6. "Get a Little High" Williams, Ottestad B-side of "Sexed Up" 3:54
7. "One Fine Day" Williams B-side of "Come Undone" 3:35
8. "Coffee, Tea and Sympathy" Williams, Billy Morrison, "Something Beautiful" 4:35
9. "Do Me Now" Williams, Ottestad, Morrison B-side of "Misunderstood" 3:17
10. "The Postcard" Duffy B-side of "Misunderstood" 3:11
11. "Meet the Stars" Williams, Duffy B-side of "Tripping" 4:27
12. "Don't Stop Talking" Williams, Duffy Digital single release 4:46
13. "Don't Say No" Williams, Duffy B-side of "Advertising Space" 4:24
14. "Lonestar Rising" Williams, Andrews, Spencer B-side of "Rudebox" 3:52
15. "Lola" Ray Davies Recorded for the celebration of the 40th birthday of 4:11
16. "The Only One I Know" John Baker, Martin Blunt, Jon Brookes, Tim Burgess, 3:57
17. "Elastik" Andrews, Scott, Spencer B-side of "Morning Sun" 4:36
18. "Long Walk Home" Martin Page Previously unreleased 5:12
19. "Dogs & Birds[28]" (Digital download only bonus track) Kelvin Andrews, Daniel Spencer, Richard Scott Previously unreleased 4:07
20. "Email From a Vampire[28]" Williams, Spencer, Andrews Previously unreleased 3:21

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