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1-1 Ain't My Bitch 5:04
1-2 2 X 4 5:28
1-3 The House Jack Built 6:39
1-4 Until It Sleeps 4:30
1-5 King Nothing 5:28
1-6 Hero Of The Day 4:22
1-7 Bleeding Me 8:18
1-8 Cure 4:54
1-9 Poor Twisted Me 4:00
1-10 Wasting My Hate 3:57
1-11 Mama Said 5:19
1-12 Thorn Within 5:51
1-13 Ronnie 5:17
1-14 The Outlaw Torn 9:53
The Interview
2-1 Was Load A Difficult Album To Put Together?
2-2 It's Been 5 Year Since The "Black" Album, Why Has It Taken So Long To Come Up With Load?
2-3 With The 5 Year Gap Between Albums Did You Lose Any Songs You Had Written In The Meantime?
2-4 When Did You Start Recording Load?
2-5 Why Did You Choose To Work With Bob Rock Again?
2-6 How Did The Album Start To Take Shape While You Were Recording?
2-7 Having Had Such A Huge Success With The "Black" Album, Did The Band Feel They Should Stick To The Same Formula In The Writing The Songs For Load?
2-8 Do You Ever Face Blank Periods When You're Writing Songs For Your Albums?
2-9 Load Has A Very Live Feel To It, Was This A Conscious Decision By The Band?
2-10 Did Load Take A Long Time To Write?
2-11 What Can You Tell Us About The Song "Cure".
2-12 Can You Tell Us About The Track 'The Outlaw Torn"?
2-13 Can You Tell Us About The Song 'Until It Sleeps"?
2-14 How Did You Feel When The Album Was Finished?
2-15 Why Did You Choose "Load" As The Title For The New Album?
2-16 How Do You Feel About The Forthcoming Tour?
2-17 Hpw Do The Band Cope With Being On The Road These Days?
2-18 As Each Album Seems To Get Bigger And Bigger, Do You Ever Hanker For The Days When Life Was Simpler?
2-19 How Long Have The Band Been Together Now, And Have Attitudes Towards Each Other Changed?

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