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The album was recorded in almost three months in the El Cortijo Studio in Spain, and the Teldex Studio in Germany. In an interview Till mentioned, that the work on the album was rushed and they didn't have time to really think about the songs.

For the album the band worked with songs, that were left over from the recordings of the previous album, Reise, Reise. Those songs were Rosenrot, Wo bist du, Mann gegen Mann, Zerstören, Ein Lied, Feuer und Wasser and Hilf mir. It is unknown if the band actually rerecorded those songs, or if the original recordings were left as they were, maybe with a bit of extra work done to them. For the new recorded songs, the band re-worked a few demos, which turned into Benzin, Spring, Stirb nicht vor mir and Te quiero puta!.

Before the album was called Rosenrot, the band had the album titles Reise, Reise Vol. 2 and Reise, weiter, Reise in mind. To the press, it was announced as Reise, Reise II.

On 5 September 2005, the band held a press event in Paris. Different journalists were invited and took a sightseeing tour in a specially decorated double-decker bus. In that bus everyone got a sealed CD player with nine new songs from the album. Those songs were Benzin, Spring, Rosenrot, Zerstören, Mann gegen Mann, Feuer und Wasser, Wo bist du, Te quiero puta! and Ein Lied.[1] The bus drove from the Place de la Bastille to the Seine bank from Paris. There was a ship, on which the journalists were able to interview all band members, with the exception of Flake, who suffered from Mumps. Flake is also not present on the promotional photos for the album. He was replaced by his brother. This is also why he is never looking directly at the camera.


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