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1-1 Mbube
1-2 Kiimanjaro
1-3 Amampondo
1-4 Click Song
1-5 Jikele Maweni (The Retreat Song)
1-5 Holilili
1-7 Mas Que Nada
1-8 Mayibuye
1-9 Nomeva
1-10 Suliram
1-11 Ntjilo Ntjilo
1-12 Can´t Cross Over
1-13 Maduna
1-14 Zenizenabo
1-15 Malaika (My Angel)
1-16 Saduva
1-17 Lakutshona Llanga
1-18 Little Boy
1-19 Dubula
1-20 Chove Chuva
1-21 Malaisha
1-22 Ask The Rising Sun
1-23 Masakhane
1-24 Naughty Little Flea
1-25 L´Enfant Et La Gazelle
2-1 Kwazulu (Land Of The Zulus)
2-2 Kwedini
2-3 Isangoma (Witch Doctor)
2-4 Beware Verwoerd (Ndodemnyama)
2-5 Pata Pata
2-6 Teya Teya
2-7 Pole Mze
2-8 Mbombela (Train Song)
2-9 Malcolm X
2-10 Ushaka
2-11 House Of The Rising Sun
2-12 Nagula
2-13 Hush
2-14 Forbidden Games
2-15 Thulasizwe (I Shall Be Released)
2-16 Welela
2-17 Chicken (Kikirikiki)
2-18 Hauteng
2-19 Orlando
Featuring – The Skylarks (3)
2-20 Live The Future
Featuring – Dizzy Gillespie
2-21 Xica Da Silva
2-22 Umhome
2-23 Quit It
2-24 Oxgam
2-25 Jolinkomo

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I never knew what I was missing until I bought my first vinyl record. The sound was stunning, absolutely hypnotizing. MPire Music just took music to an old, but new level!

Samantha L
Cape Town, SA

Enjoyed the whole experience! Such a great range of artists, I can't help but keep coming back for more. The shipping is quick and the service friendly.

Jeffery Lange
Johannesburg, SA

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