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1-01 Urban Dreams (2)– Open Up Your Eyes (Original Mix) 4:12
1-02 Impresia Visions– Cold Sea (Chill Ocean Mix) 6:17
1-03 Illie Natalia– Romanian Gypsy Producer – Dom Edwards 5:52
1-04 Aziz (3)– Return To The Pharaoh 6:03
1-05 Tabla Vin– Dayz Trippers (Destination Mix) 3:34
1-06 Kalilla– Hafla 6:13
1-07 Nitin Singh– Indian Secret (Shankar Mix) 6:12
1-08 The Trojans (2)– Going Out (Diva Mix) 2:53
1-09 Vinyl Masters– Just Us (Dance Remix) 4:40
1-10 Leda G– Full Moon (Sitra Mix) 3:59
2-01 Digital Touch– Eastern Groove 3:46
2-02 DJ Kermit (3)– Turkish Dance 3:08
2-03 Chillmakers– Asian Beauty 6:57
2-04 Status One (2)– Stepping Out Of The Line 5:09
2-05 Aqualife– Colours Of Life (Melt Mix) 4:00
2-06 Tribal Lord– African Chill (Chill Mix) Producer – Ed Evans 5:45
2-07 The Base– Flowers (Nature Mix) Producer – Jamal Kameo 6:07
2-08 Torelli– What Love Is (Original Mix) 6:30
2-09 Nur Al Din– Thank You 3:23
2-10 Yahiya Emerick– In The Kasbar 4:29
3-01 Native American Dream– Native American Dream Producer – Scott Fraemer 5:35
3-02 Balqis– Habibi 4:54
3-03 Fouad– Arabian Dreams (Mix) 5:00
3-04 Dhanab Al Jady– Wild Wadi 3:47
3-05 Data A– Swansong (Deeper Than One Mix) 3:33
3-06 Maha Samable– Goa Dreams (Reflective Mix) 4:34
3-07 Eastern Awakening– Eastern Awakening Producer – Rob Howells 4:55
3-08 Quest Of Attitude– Krishna (Verity Mix) 6:51
3-09 Hotspots– Top Five (H2O Mix) Producer – Lorem Karem 5:14
3-10 Black Shore (2)– Hispana El Hambra 5:08

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