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1. "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" W. Smith, J. Townes Rock the House 4:49
2. "Parents Just Don't Understand " W. Smith, J. Townes, P. Harris He's the DJ, 5:14
3. "A Nightmare on My Street [Single Version]" W. Smith, J. Townes, P. Harris 4:58
4. "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" W. Smith, J. Townes Greatest Hits 2:55
5. "Summertime" W. Smith, J. Townes, L.H. Mahone, C. Simpkins, A. Taylor, R. Mickens, R. Bell, R. Bell, G. Brown, R. Westfield, D. Thomas, C. Smith Homebase 4:29
6. "Just Cruisin'" W. Smith, N. Jones, K. Stover Big Willie Style/Men in Black:  3:59
7. "1,000 Kisses " (featuring Jada) , J.C. Olivier, S. Barnes, M. McClain Born to Reign 3:50
8. "Men in Black" W. Smith, P. Rushen, G. McFadden,  Style/Men in Black:  3:47
9. "Gettin' Jiggy wit It" W. Smith, S. Barnes, B. Edwards,  Willie Style 3:48
10. "Miami" W. Smith, R. Toby, S. Barnes, W. Shelby, S. Shockley,  Style 3:17
11. "Freakin' It" W. Smith, P. Sawyer, M. McLeod, S. Barnes, L. Bennett Willennium 3:59
12. "Will 2K" (featuring K-Ci) Adams, L. Bennett,  W. Smith, Sparks Willennium 3:54
13. "Wild Wild West"  R. Fusari, M. DeWese Willennium/Wild Wild West 4:05
14. "Nod Ya Head (The Remix)"  W. Smith, M. Sparks, L. Bennett, L. Feemster  3:45
15. "Just the Two of Us" W. Smith, B. Withers, W. Salter,  5:15

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I never knew what I was missing until I bought my first vinyl record. The sound was stunning, absolutely hypnotizing. MPire Music just took music to an old, but new level!

Samantha L
Cape Town, SA

Enjoyed the whole experience! Such a great range of artists, I can't help but keep coming back for more. The shipping is quick and the service friendly.

Jeffery Lange
Johannesburg, SA

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