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Side one
1. "Down on Me" traditional; arranged by Janis Joplin March 2, 1968 3:07
2. "Bye, Bye Baby" Powell St. John April 12, 1968 4:27
3. "All Is Loneliness" Louis Hardin April 4, 1970, 5:45
4. "Piece of My Heart" Bert Berns, Jerry Ragovoy March 2, 1968, 4:09

Side two
5. "Road Block" Joplin, Pete Albin June 23, 1968, 2:59
6. "Flower in the Sun" Sam Andrew June 23, 1968, Carousel Ballroom 3:03
7. "Summertime" George Gershwin, DuBose Heyward June 23, 1968, 4:45
8. "Ego Rock" Joplin, Nick Gravenites April 4, 1970, Fillmore West 8:02

Side three
9. "Half Moon" John Hall, Joanna Hall June 28, 1970, 5:14
10. "Kozmic Blues" Joplin, Gabriel Mekler June 28, 1970, Festival Express, Toronto 4:45
11. "Move Over" Joplin June 28, 1970, Festival Express, Toronto 6:37

Side four
12. "Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)" Ragovoy, Chip Taylor July 4, 1970, 7:51
13. "Get It While You Can" Ragovoy, Mort Shuman July 4, 1970, 7:04
14. "Ball and Chain" Willie Mae Thornton July 4, 1970, Festival Express, Calgary 8:03

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