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In celebration of what would have been the 60th birthday of reggae legend Lucky Dube, Gallo Records proudly announce the release of a limited-edition, remastered for vinyl version of his iconic album "Prisoner."  

Originally released on November 27, 1989, "Prisoner" marked a significant milestone in Dube's career, blending reggae rhythms with poignant social commentary.

Key Points: Historic Significance: "Prisoner" was released during a transformative moment in South African history, coinciding with the release of the Rivonia trialists and Robben Island inmates. This synchronicity added depth to the album's themes of freedom and justice.

Sales and Impact: "Prisoner" shattered sales records upon its release, selling over one hundred thousand copies within the first week and over one million copies to date. It has also garnered over one hundred million streams worldwide, cementing its legacy as a timeless masterpiece.

Musical Evolution: Notably, "Prisoner" introduced brass elements to Dube's sound for the first time, showcasing his versatility as an artist and expanding the boundaries of reggae music.

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