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Rocking Horse was formed in Cape Town, in 1985, by brothers Clive & Tony Ridgway.

The Ridgway brothers formerly were members of the early 80s rock, rhythm & blues band Dr Jive & The Bluenotes, along with their late brother Greg. Dr Jive’s cinematic 1984 single, “Samurai,” regarded as an SA industry classic, helped them garner a SARI Award nomination that year.

Late 1985, Clive & Tony, along with Dave Rattle, Julian Mayer and Barry Buret, set off on a new musical journey as Rocking Horse, performing a blend of “Country-Rock with a pinch of The Blues.” The band was soon labelled as SA’s #1 Country Rock band, a tag that is still germane today, nearly 4 decades later!

After years of performing as a touring band alongside an array of Pop and Country stars, Rocking Horse released their debut album “Someone Loves You” on the Transistor Music record label. The year was 1988.

Another number of years saw the band touring, both as backing band and headline act throughout SA, sporadically releasing new, originally-penned compositions along the way. They were regular faces on 80s and 90s TV and were heard on national radio stations that playlisted country and country-crossover tracks.

Most of the household names that toured with Rocking Horse back in the 80s and 90s were “cover” artists, and brothers Clive & Tony saw the opportunity to write “original” songs for these artists. Thus began an ongoing songwriting partnership as ‘songwriters to the stars’ of SA music, which has now spanned more than three decades.

Among many, a few of the artists to record and chart with Ridgway/Ridgway compositions include names like Lance James, Clive Bruce, Bobby Angel, Sally Vaughan, Joanna Field,
Billy Forrest, Kurt Darren, Juanita Du Plessis, Riccardo, Jonathan Butler, Ray Dylan, Judith Sephuma, Dr Victor...the list, a long one!

The Ridgway Brothers were regular visitors to Country Music’s ‘Mecca,’ Nashville,
throughout the 90s. Ever-seeking to learn more about the art of songwriting, and
to expand and cultivate their love and respect for the genre, they connected with
both major players and independents throughout the decade. Affiliations to the
Nashville Songwriters Association International, The Songwriters Guild Of America,
and the Tennessee Songwriters Association resulted in Clive & Tony performing at
the esteemed Bluebird Cafe. Tony remained on in Music City for a few years,
meeting with publishers, agents and artists and forming friendships with many
in the industry; friendships which still remain today.

The brothers regard their time spent on Music Row as a significant phase in their careers as musicians, songwriters and students of their chosen genre.

All the while, Rocking Horse has continued adding Ridgway/Ridgway Country and Country-Rock compositions to their legacy. Their hit “I Can’t Dance” (circa 1991) is one of the most “covered” locally-written songs ever, and several household names including Juanita Du Plessis, Clive Bruce, Die Campbells and Jurie Els, have recorded the foot-stomper over the years. The song first appeared on their 1991 album, “The Bluest Skies” which was the follow-up album to their debut record, some 3 years earlier.

Subsequent Rocking Horse releases include the albums “All The Hits & More”, “The Best & The Rest”, “Rockabilly Band” and “Highway Going Nowhere”. “Rocking Horse – The Best Collection Volumes 1, 2, & 3” containing 60 of the bands most loved songs, was released on the Next Music label in 2022.

Rocking Horse’s brand new, all-original album “I Don’t Like Country Music... I Love It!” celebrates the band’s 35TH ANNIVERSARY as a recording band. The trademark Rocking Horse sound is fresher than ever on this album, showcasing next level songs and commanding musical performances by Clive and Tony Ridgway skilfully supported by Julian Mayer on bass, Tony Drake on keyboards and Paul Greef on pedal steel guitar. The album contains eleven Ridgway/Ridgway compositions; a mix of Country Rockers and Story-tellers.

“Working For A Living”, “Pick Me”, “Done With The Blues” and the title track “I Don’t Like Country Music… I Love It!” reveal the band’s predilection for throwing down a solid Country-Rock groove.

“Play Another Jimmy Buffet Song” and “48 Pints” are spirited barroom tunes which tip the hat in the direction of the group’s musical heroes, Jimmy Buffet and The Band.

“All It Takes Is A Country Song”, “I Can’t Stop Loving You (Will Always Be Our Song)” and “Trying Not To Love Her Anymore” are classic, mid-tempo country compositions.

“Ask Your Mom” and “Make The Difference” two emotionally charged Country ballads, complete the track listing.

Songs on the record are delivered in way only seasoned, highly professional and creative individuals, collectively can deliver.

Rocking Horse – “I Don’t Like County Music… I Love It!” is a seminal record; in many ways a statement about the band’s mission and intent. The album is quite clearly the product of a group with its own voice; the songs distinctly reflecting a love for the artform Rocking Horse has championed for almost 40 years.

More than anything else, it’s a collection of exceptional songs from the Ridgway Brothers who have set the bar for authentic, original country music, in South Africa.

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