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1-1 Dean Martin– Volare 2:59
1-2 Frank Sinatra– Witchcraft 2:51
1-3 Sammy Davis Junior*– That Old Black Magic 3:18
1-4 Dean Martin– Everybody Loves Somebody 2:01
1-5 Frank Sinatra– Three Coins In The Fountain 3:03
1-6 Sammy Davis Junior*– Birth Of The Blues 3:16
1-7 Dean Martin– Dreamy Old New England Moon 2:31
1-8 Frank Sinatra– (Love Is) The Tender Trap 2:56
1-9 Sammy Davis Junior*– Five 2:15
1-10 Dean Martin– Sway 2:41
1-11 Frank Sinatra– You, My Love 2:54
1-12 Sammy Davis Junior*– Laura 2:32
1-13 Dean Martin– Young And Foolish 2:44
1-14 Frank Sinatra– Melody Of Love 3:00
1-15 Sammy Davis Junior*– Too Close For Comfort 2:19
1-16 Dean Martin– When You're Smiling 3:02
1-17 Frank Sinatra– In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 2:59
1-18 Sammy Davis Junior*– I Don't Care Who Know It 2:43
1-19 Dean Martin– You Belong To Me 3:01
1-20 Frank Sinatra– I've Got You Under My Skin 3:40
1-21 Sammy Davis Junior*– Dedicated To You 3:07
1-22 Dean Martin– Open Up The Doghouse 2:27
1-23 Frank Sinatra– From Here To Eternity 2:56
1-24 Sammy Davis Junior*– I Ain't Got Nobody 2:23
1-25 Dean Martin With Nat King Cole– Mambo Italiano 2:22
2-1 Sammy Davis Junior*– Hey There 2:46
2-2 Dean Martin With Helen O'Connell– How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning 2:45
2-3 Frank Sinatra– All The Way 2:52
2-4 Sammy Davis Junior*– New York's My Home 3:12
2-5 Dean Martin– Memories Are Made Of This 2:15
2-6 Frank Sinatra– Young At Heart 2:50
2-7 Sammy Davis Junior*– You Are My Lucky Star 2:35
2-8 Dean Martin– Kiss 2:21
2-9 Frank Sinatra– Love And Marriage 2:37
2-10 Sammy Davis Junior*– Earthbound 3:10
2-11 Dean Martin– Let Me Go Lover 3:00
2-12 Frank Sinatra– Makin' Whoopie 3:05
2-13 Sammy Davis Junior*– My Funny Valentine 3:06
2-14 Dean Martin– Under The Bridges Of Paris 2:46
2-15 Frank Sinatra– Lean Baby 2:31
2-16 Sammy Davis Junior*– Easy To Love 2:24
2-17 Dean Martin– The Man With The Mandolino 2:51
2-18 Frank Sinatra– You Make Me Feel So Young 2:53
2-19 Sammy Davis Junior*– Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone 2:39
2-20 Dean Martin With Peggy Lee– You Was 2:46
2-21 Frank Sinatra– You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me 2:16
2-22 Sammy Davis Junior*– Be Bop The Beguine 2:46
2-23 Dean Martin– (Ma Come Bali) Bella Bimba 2:45
2-24 Frank Sinatra– I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself A Letter) 2:26
2-25 Sammy Davis Junior*– The Way You Look Tonight 3:15
3-1 Frank Sinatra– Chicago 2:11
3-2 Sammy Davis Junior*– Something's Gotta Give 2:04
3-3 Dean Martin– Return To Me 2:23
3-4 Frank Sinatra– Come Fly With Me 3:17
3-5 Sammy Davis Junior*– All Of You 2:42
3-6 Dean Martin– Innamorata (Sweetheart) 2:24
3-7 Frank Sinatra– Learnin' The Blues 3:00
3-8 Sammy Davis Junior*– I'll Know 3:01
3-9 Dean Martin– That's Amore 3:07
3-10 Frank Sinatra– Hey, Jealous Lover 2:20
3-11 Sammy Davis Junior*– The Gypsy In My Soul 2:34
3-12 Dean Martin– I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 1:52
3-13 Frank Sinatra– Not As A Stranger 2:45
3-14 Sammy Davis Junior*– Frankie And Johnny 3:18
3-15 Dean Martin– The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane 2:53
3-16 Frank Sinatra– I Get A Kick Out Of You 2:53
3-17 Sammy Davis Junior*– Love Me Or Leave Me 2:57
3-18 Dean Martin– Hey Brother, Pour The Wine 2:36
3-19 Frank Sinatra– I've Got The World On A String 2:08
3-20 Sammy Davis Junior*– Can't You See I've Got The Blues 2:45
3-21 Dean Martin– When You Pretend 2:33
3-22 Frank Sinatra– A Foggy Day 2:38
3-23 Sammy Davis Junior*– Smile Darn Ya Smile 2:33
3-24 Dean Martin– Who's Sorry Now 2:16
3-25 Frank Sinatra– My Funny Valentine 2:30

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