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Disc 1:
1.Unchained melody
2.Fora De Portas
3.Sempre Que Lisboa Canta
4.Tudo Isto E Fado
5.Old Noah (Gubben Noach)
6.Wonderland By Night (Wunderland Bei Nacht)
7.Por Deus Te Peco
8.Zoom Gail Gail
9.As I Love You
10.La Vie En Rose (Schau Mich Bitte Nicht So An)
11.Fado De Vila Franca
12.This Song Is Yours Alone (Dieses Lied Gehort Nur Dir)
13.Samo Jednom Se Ljubi
15.Bert's Tune
16.Tenderly (Ein Lied Erkland)
17.Hanschen Klein
18.The Aim Of My Desires (Das Ziel Meiner Wunsche)
19.Catalania (Album Version)
20.Fado De Santarem
21.Plaisir D'Amour
22.Stay With Me
23.Sobre Las Olas (Ube Den Wellen, Over The Waves)
24.Don't Forbid Me
25.April In Portugal (Coimbra)
Disc 2:
1.My Life For Your Love
2.My Yiddish Momme
3.Midnight Snack
4.Frohlicher Landmann (Jolly Peasant)
6.Take It
7.Lullaby For Lovers
8.Petticoats Of Portugal
9.Sleepy Lagoon
10.Schlaf, Kindchen Schiaf
11.Nem As Paredes Confesson
12.Without Your Love
13.Si J'Etais Roi
14.Roas Engeitada
15.Drifting And Dreaming (Sweet Paradise)
16.Dancing In The Dark
17.I'll See You In My Dreams
18.Ack Varmeland Du Skona
19.Twilight Time
20.Funny Talk
21.Rainy Sunday
22.Hapiness Never Comes Too Late (Das Gluck Kommt Nie Zu Spat)
23.Only Those In Love
24.The Portugese Washerwomen
25.There, I've Said It Again
Disc 3:
1.Now And Forever
2.Finnish Folk Song (Siomen Laula)
3.Somebody Loves me
5.Blue Moon
6.When I Fall In Love
7.I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
8.On The Alamo
9.How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)
10.A Swingin Safari
11.Take me
12.Market Day
15.Afrikaan Beat
16.Dreaming The Blues
17.Happy Trumpeter (Magic Trumpet)
18.Tootie Flutie
19.Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
20.Black Beauty
21.Skoiaan (South African Song)
22.O Mein Papa (From 'Feuerwerk')
23.Yellow Bird
24.Midsummernight In Gotland
25.The Nightingale (Solovej, Die Nachtigail)

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